Program Overview

Program Overview

Time Contents
13:00~13:30 Registration and Networking
(30 min.)
MC: Min-Hoe Kim
Opening Ceremony
  • Opening Remarks: Young-Tae Chang, President, KMI
  • Welcoming Remarks: Woong-Seo Kim, President, KIOST
  • Congratulatory Remarks:
    • Seong-Hyeok Moon, Minister, Ministry of Oceans & Fisheries
    • Ki-Tack Lim, Secretary-General, IMO
    • Ariel Troisi, Chairman, IOC
    • Haiming Xing, Ambassador E&P, the People’s Republic of China to the Republic of Korea
(15 min.)
Keynote Speech
  • The SDGs and Climate Changes: Challenges and Opportunities
    • Ki-Moon Ban, Chairman, NCCA
14:15~14:25 Commemorative Photograph
(95 min.)
Thematic Lectures

Background and Challenges for Sustainable Development Cooperation in the Yellow Sea

  • The Sustainable Development Report 2020: China and Koreas in the World
    • Soogil Young, Chairman, SDSN Korea
  • Delivering a Sustainable Ocean Economy in the Framework of the SDGs
    • Claire Jolly, Head of Unit, OECD STI
  • Overview of UNDPGEF Experiences in Management and Governance for the Restoration of the YSLME
    • Yinfeng Guo, Technical Adviser, UNOPS
  • YSLME as a Regional Contribution to the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development
    • Sinjae Yoo, Principal Research Scientist, KIOST
16:00~16:15 Break Time
(100 min.)
Round Table Discussion

Chair: Young-Tae Chang, President, KMI

Issues and Agenda for Yellow Sea Cooperation on the SDG 14

  • Panels
    • Chuansheng Peng, Chief Technology Official, WTI
    • Fangli Qiao, Deputy Director General, FIO
    • Youn-Ho Lee, Vice President, KIOST
    • Jung-Ho Nam, Deputy President for Marine Policy Research, KMI
    • Dong-Hyon Lee, Professor, Pyeongtaek University
    • Including the Speakers in the Thematic Lectures
17:55~ Closing -

* Speakers and panels from overseas may participate online or by video footage.
* The schedule and topics above may change under certain circumstances.